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FTP Site

This feature has been removed. Please email us for assistance with uploading files.

The SAME OC Post FTP site requires a username and password. Please contact SAME OC Post to acquire the FTP account information.

Windows® OS Users

Windows users can upload to or download from the FTP Site with a web browser like Internet Explorer (highly recommended).

  1. Log in to the FTP Site. Make sure you have the username and password (FTP account information).
  2. On the menu bar, click <Page> or <View> and choose <Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer>. A new window and a login dialog box will appear. If it doesn't, in the new window click <File> then <'Login As> and a login dialog box will appear.
  3. You can perform a "drag-and-drop" to upload a file from your computer. To do this, locate the file to upload by using 'Windows Explorer' (or by clicking on the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop). Click and hold on the file, then drag your cursor into the window that is displaying the FTP site. This will copy the file into the SAME OC FTP site.
  4. Another method you can use to upload is to copy and paste your file. To copy the file, right click on the file and choose 'copy' then right click in the body of the SAME OC FTP site and choose 'paste.' This will copy the file from your hard drive into the FTP site.

Macintosh® OS Users

Macintosh users won't be able to "drag and drop" or "copy and paste" files to the server using a web browser. To do this, an FTP software is required: